Puppet Shows

Kabazoo the Camel
This story is recommended for ages 4-6 and includes the characters: Sid the Royal Camel, Kabazoo the Camel, Princess Shanella, The King. Kabazoo wants to be a royal camel but Sid says he's too small and doesn't have what it takes. The princess gets lost in the desert and Kabazoo is the one who finds her. In gratitude, the King makes Kabazoo the Head Royal Camel.

The Princess, the Frog and the Dragon
For children ages 5-8. Princess Lucinda and Jack really love each other a lot but the King insists that she marry royalty. Princes from all over the world come to court her but she refuses them all. Until one day, the Pirate Prince comes. He is so mad at being rejected that he goes to Witch Hazel to turn him into a dragon so that he can destroy Lucinda's palace, which she does. However, Jack overhears the plot and when he is discovered the witch turns him into a frog. Jack hops back to the palace to warn Lucinda. Lucinda asks Merlin for advice. He tells her that only a brave deed and a kiss from a true love can turn Jack back into a human. Upon relaying the message, Jack does his brave deed by defeating the dragon, not by using force, but by using his brain and outsmarting the dragon. Once the palace is saved, Lucinda kisses Jack and he turns back into a human. The king is so grateful that he makes Jack royalty and lets him marry Lucinda.

The Lion and the Mouse
For ages 4-6. Larry the Lion gets caught in a hunter's net and has to ask Mortimer the Mouse to help him escape. The moral is you're never too big to ask for help or too small to be able to do important things.

Danny the Dragon
For ages 3-5. Little Danny the Dragon disobeys Merlin the Magician and goes in the woods and gets lost. He meets a magic princess who tries to send him back home but her magic backfires and he gets turned into different animals, ending up as a big dragon. The princess decides to quit using her magic and walk Danny home herself. Once there, Danny has to confess to Merlin that he disobeyed and ask him to change him back into a little dragon. Danny gets changed back and is grounded for a week. Listen to the grown-up because when they tell you not to do something it's usually for your own good.

The Pirate and the Magic Fish
For ages 4-6. Jack the Village boy is always making fun of Captain Morgan the Pirate. One day Captain Morgan catches a magic fish. The fish tells the captain that if he lets him go he will be given four wishes. The captain agrees and lets the fish go and runs home to tell Jack what happened. Jack continues to make fun of the old pirate calling him foolish, addlebrained and slow. Each time Jack teases him, Morgan uses a wish to prove him wrong but gets turned into an animal that is the antitheses of what Jack just called him. Finally the Captain wises up and for his last wish, he wishes to be his old self again. The moral is don't live to please others, be happy with yourself the way you are and be the best person you can be

Holiday show (available year round),
description available upon request

Animals Around The World
A child takes a trip around the world to discover his favorite animal.
(Great for schools)

Are You My Momma? (The Dinosaur Show!)
A baby dinosaur falls out of its nest and sets off to find its momma. But what other things might he find along the way…?

Danny The Dragon
A mystical adventure about Danny the Dragon who gets lost in the woods and learns lessons about obeying his parents and telling the truth.

The Elf That Saved Christmas
Rudolf is missing! Oh no! Who will find him in time for Christmas? Kids learn lessons about teasing.

The Frog Prince
Adapted from the classic fairy tale. A Prince is turned into a frog and needs the kiss of a fair Princess to break the spell. Complete with songs.

Little Red Riding Hood
The classic tale, with a modern twist. Told from the wolfs point of view. Nobody gets eaten!

The Pirate And The Magical Clam
A silly pirate gets four wishes from a magical clam. What will he wish for?

There's A Monster In My Closet
Great for Halloween! A child learns to face his or her fears and discovers what's lurking in the closet.